About us

We focus on providing solutions and methods for managing the ever increasing complexity of today‘s enterprises, products and processes. With this approach, the company was established as an implementation-oriented problem solver in the industry. Today we consist of about 50 people committed to ensure your company’s success through their work as strategy and organizational consultants, as well as management coaches. We are headquartered in Aachen, Germany, with subsidiaries in St. Gallen, Switzerland (since 1991), and Atlanta, GA, USA (since 1997).


The exact results of possible benefits through complexity reduction depend on the ability of the company to identify and understand individual complexity drivers, their interdependences and not least, to recognize their cost effects. Complexity management is necessary to master the interactions of the three complexity drivers. This is exactly where we have collected 30 years of experience.


Thanks to our experience, our direct access to the most recent (state of the art) research results and our agility, we are capable to systematically analyze complex situations and to provide the information necessary in order to make meaningful decisions. To your immediate benefit and for minimizing risks in turbulent times.


Our Clients


Privacy is respected. Over the last 30 years we helped numerous national and international clients overcoming their challenges. Our clients range from medium-sized companies to world-wide renown corporations.

We are looking forward to answer your industry or topic related questions in person.


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