We are the world’s leading provider of concepts, solutions and executive trainings for successfully managing today’s complex entrepreneurial challenges in all its dimensions: optimal product complexity, optimal process complexity, optimal production complexity and optimal organizational complexity. With this approach, the company was established as an implementation-oriented problem solver in the industry. Today we consist of about 50 people committed to ensure your company’s success through their work as strategy and organizational consultants, as well as management coaches. We are headquartered in Aachen, Germany, with subsidiaries in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and Atlanta, GA, USA.

The exact results of possible benefits through complexity reduction depend on the ability of the company to identify and understand individual complexity drivers, their interdependences and not least, to recognize their cost effects. Complexity Management is necessary to master the interactions of the three complexity drivers. This is exactly where we have collected 30 years of experience.

Thanks to our experience, our direct access to the most recent (state of the art) research results and our agility, we are capable to systematically analyze complex situations and to provide the information necessary in order to make meaningful decisions. To your immediate benefit and for minimizing risks in turbulent times.


As market leader and opinion former in the holistic management of variant-, process- and structure-related complexity, we support our customers in achieving superior results. We are not afraid of complexity. Properly understood and used, controlled complexity becomes a competitive advantage. We convince and inspire our customers by working together with them. Our methods and tools help to recognize complexity in a dynamic competitive environment, to implement processes and structures for control and even to expand this as a competitive advantage. Necessary external complexity required by the market is achieved with optimized and minimized internal complexity. This creates outstanding and sustainable results.


  • © Prof. Günther Schuh, Ph.D.

    Complexity competencies are underdeveloped at all levels – at a time when complexity is omnipresent. Everyone should know that Complexity Management is at the core of good management and serves to build and expand the innovative power of the entire company. We are happy to help!

    Prof. Günther Schuh, Ph.D., Company founder

  • © Stephan Krumm, Ph.D.

    When we started, we made product diversity transparent. Not good enough today. Complexity Management has become a comprehensive, fantastic discipline. My curiosity to keep finding new and innovative solutions is unbroken – for the benefit of our clients and our corporate group. We research, advise and practice Complexity Management ourselves, as exemplified by our revolution in electromobility.

    Stephan Krumm, Ph.D., Executive Board member

  • © Norbert Große Entrup

    My focus is on what is valuable. I regard customer-oriented, inspiring and practice-oriented projects as valuable. Only with these can I really make a difference together with our clients.

    Norbert Große Entrup, Partner

  • © Anno Kremer

    I have been living my passion for consultancy for 25 years. During this time, the complexity of the world has increased exorbitantly. Simultaneously my personal mission has also manifested itself: empowering my clients to master today´s complexity and use it to generate success.

    Anno Kremer, Partner

  • © Klaus D. Schopf

    As a consultant, I can generate depth by working with data and scientific analysis. Innovative methods and experience help me to achieve tangible results for my clients. Complexity management opens up new opportunities every day.

    Klaus D. Schopf, Partner

  • © Jan Eilers

    I am enthusiastic about designing realistic solutions for complex challenges. However, the focus of my work as a consultant, above all else, is the actual implementation of these solutions. This offers me the opportunity to be a lasting support to my clients with commitment, tact and respect.

    Jan Eilers, Associate Partner

  • © Markus Stoffel, Ph.D.

    Being able to handle complex structures quickly and flexibly is one of the key challenges today. Empowering companies to improve their complexity structure is what makes my passion for consultancy in Complexity Management.

    Markus Stoffel, Ph.D., Associate Partner

  • © Dietmar Albertz, Ph.D.

    Innovative, well thought-out concepts fascinate me, because they usually form the basis for great product and software solutions, intact processes and new business ideas. It is pure joy for me to work together with our clients and conceptualize these solutions. The ambition is to make their business even more brilliant and sustainable in terms of costs and success, by providing them with the right degree of complexity.

    Dietmar Albertz, Ph.D., Principal

  • © Michael Friedrich

    The interaction of consulting and operative action is my benchmark. The visible gain on the part of the client is the confirmation for me that I have made a lasting difference. This motivates me as a consultant.

    Michael Friedrich, Principal

  • © Jan-Hendrik Kraus

    My aspiration is to achieve sustainable and effective solutions for my clients. Therefore, I use the latest insights of scientific research, state-of-the-art data analytics and a pragmatic implementation by applying agile principles to solve complex challenges.

    Jan-Hendrik Kraus, Principal

  • © Stephan U. Schittny, Ph.D.

    As a consultant, I am extremely fascinated to enable my clients with my industry and project experience to achieve outstanding competitive advantages. My top priority here is our holistic management approach, with the goal of technical and economic optimization. Innovation is my constant ambition.

    Stephan U. Schittny, Ph.D., Principal

  • © Jörg Starkmann

    Analyzing complex problems in a practical way, developing realistic solutions and finally implementing them is not only my career, but also my personal passion. Developing products that can be produced efficiently is just as exciting for me as transferring the latest technologies and methods into series production.

    Jörg Starkmann, CEO Schuh Complexity Management, Inc.

  • © Michael Winkemann

    With joy and passion I develop solutions for a wide range of problems in the far-reaching field of product complexity in cooperation with our customers. Customer benefit is essential and is therefore the focus of my work. Integrity, holistic thinking and implementation orientation also characterize my consulting work.

    Michael Winkemann, Principal


Our Clients

Privacy is respected. Over the last 30 years we helped numerous national and international clients overcoming their challenges. Our clients range from medium-sized companies to world-wide renown corporations.

We are looking forward to answer your industry or topic related questions in person.