Our mission and values


As market leader and opinion former in the holistic management of variant-, process- and structure-related complexity, we support our customers in achieving superior results. We are not afraid of complexity. Properly understood and used, controlled complexity becomes a competitive advantage. We convince and inspire our customers by working together with them. Our methods and tools help to recognize complexity in a dynamic competitive environment, to implement processes and structures for control and even to expand this as a competitive advantage. Necessary external complexity required by the market is achieved with optimized and minimized internal complexity. This creates outstanding and sustainable results.


We aim to surpass the expectations of our customers regarding a project result with great commitment and perfect performance. Tomorrow's customer benefit arises from innovation and sustainabilty – this belief is the basis for our actions. 

Confidence reduces complexity, wins allies and allows us to act more quickly. It is a key variable for mutual success. We want to be successful together and, accordingly, regard confidence as the guideline of our code of conduct.

There can be no progress without innovations. Complex situations require innovative and pragmatic solutions. With our positioning in the field of tension between science, consulting and implementation, we are at the pulse of time and deliver this knowledge directly to our customers.

Our integrity is the measure of all things - both internally and externally. We stand for openness, honesty and critical reflection. We only make promises we can keep.