The right software for planning and controlling variant diversity

The Complexity Manager – developed by us, proven in the field.

Consumers today enjoy an enormous degree of individualization. However, this also goes hand in hand with an almost limitless variety of variants on the part of the supplier, which has grown over a long period of time. The data provide an overview. However, these are often ambiguous, incomplete and based on several sources. It is extremely difficult and time-consuming to recognize the diversity that already exists and how it will likely develop.


In order to gain control over the  variant diversity, the variance and dynamics of the products must be mastered. This requires proactive planning of the emerging future variants based on the knowledge of changes in market requirements. Therefore, it must be possible to anticipate market and customer-relevant information at an early stage. Exactly at this point, the Complexity Manager comes to your help. This user-friendly and easy to operate software will give you control over your product variants and save you substantial amounts of time.


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