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Internal processes require a coordinated and frictionless interaction of different company functions, divisions, departments, teams and employees. It is the task of the management to face this highly complex challenge. Therefore, existing processes in the company have to be analyzed in detail and documented in a uniform and comprehensible way. The subsequent design of target processes and the focus on the customer's value is an essential prerequisite for the optimization of business areas. The right approach and the right tools are key elements for reducing process times and costs. The core issues addressed by process management are as follows:

  • Are the process map and the underlying processes defined and documented?
  • Do the processes follow the strategic orientation of the company?
  • How do the processes actually run and what are relevant variants?
  • Which processes can be standardized and automatized?
  • Who is responsible for defining processes and how are they implemented?
  • Are roles and responsibilities defined precisely?
  • Where are the bottlenecks and weaknesses? 

"The improved management of the initial and ongoing complexity of a business transformation is the biggest benefit of the Signavio platform.“
- Forrester Study: ROI of the Signavio Business Transformation

A selection of the tools used

Process Design
Process Design

Process Design

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    Prozess- und Organisationsgestaltung
    Prozess- und Organisationsgestaltung

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    Sales & Operations Planning

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    Prozessorientierte Organisationsgestaltung
    Prozessorientierte Organisationsgestaltung

    • Optimization global demand and production planning processes

      A leading diagnostics manufacturer intended to optimize its global demand and production planning processes in order to reduce inventories, personnel and manufacturing costs. In workshops and interviews the processes were analyzed collaboratively at a detailed process level. The focus was on harmonizing sales and operations planning, taking into account the given market volatility. The holistic and cross-functional optimization of the planning processes and the introduction of dynamic safety stocks generated overall cost savings of millions.

    • Concept for the reorganization of the global manufacturing network

      A fast-growing automotive supplier faced structural problems and complex network structures. In collaboration with the customer, Schuh & Co. developed a concept for the reorganization of the global manufacturing network. Starting with the complete redesign of the business process landscape, standardized production planning and control processes were defined and a concept for the global production network strategy was developed. Using methods such as Gemba-Walks, interviews, analyses and process mapping workshops, the process landscape was detailed on the elementary process level and weaknesses within the existing processes were identified. The result is the reorganization of processes and structures in the entire manufacturing network and thus significantly improved efficiency and effectiveness in the network.

    • Establish a sustainable Lean Management System

      In order to meet the requirements of volatile markets and increasing cost pressure a leading manufacturer of heavy plates engaged Schuh & Co. to establish a sustainable Lean Management System. In management workshops business processes were analyzed and a process map was developed. Based on the identified bottlenecks, sub-processes were optimized in two pilot projects. Overall, the project provided a significant contribution to the establishment of an end-to-end process understanding and a sustainable increase in competitiveness.

    • Business Process Modeling in BPMN 2.0 (Signavio)
    • Process Mining (Disco)
    • Value Stream Analysis
    • Process Management Navigator


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